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Ballydesmond Polka


ballydesmond polka TAB


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Ray’s Classic Polka

VERSION 1. Transcribed from the playing of the Dartry Ceilidh Band on Spotify link below.

Also known as “The Race Classic”, “Roy’s Session” 

Ray's Classic Polka

Jenny Lind Polka

Version 2  Correction to bars B 1 and B 5. A Polka, Written by Scotsman, James Hill 18?-1860

Jenny Lind Polka

Another from  John Kelly on Youtube.

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The Petronella (Turn) REEL

From Wikipedia: – “This tune is associated with the folk dance named the “Petronella Turn”  Four dancers, equally spaced around a small ring, move into the position of the dancer on their right in four steps while rotating (spinning) individually clockwise ¾. This movement is adapted from the eponymous dance “Petronella,” a traditional contra dance derived from a Scottish country dance of the same name. As a barn dance the dancers contribute  “clap-clap” of hands on beats 3.5 and 4 of the 4-beat movement”  as indicated on the TAB below.

Also a danced as an “Eightsome Reel”

I have an old  manuscript with this written as a March.

Petronella reel

Video of the dance here. I am not sure what the second tune is.

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Maggie In The Wood POLKA

Version 1. Key G

Maggie In The Wood POlka

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Listowel Polka

Version 1. Feb 2013

Listowel Polka

Can’t find a video

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Britches, Full Of Stitches

Britches full of stitches

Acoustic backing